An adorable dog was left to die by the side of a highly trafficked road. That’s dangerous enough but as it turns out, this puppy was stuck in the median between four lanes of speeding cars.


A man named Cenk spotted the terrified puppy and pulled over. When he got closer, he noticed Baby Boy was in pain.

So Cenk carefully gathered up the injured pup and brought him to an animal clinic, where X-rays revealed two broken legs.

The poor thing would’ve definitely died had this kind man not stopped.

“They reflect what rescue is all about, they show the conditions in which we work here, the risks we take at time but above all, they show the indifference of society towards an issue that shames all of us…”

But thankfully, this story has a happy ending, as this puppy got the medical care he desperately needed and then, three months later…

Baby Boy was adopted by a loving family in Germany and has some new canine friends as well.