justice for dukey

 Video of RCMP shooting dog is still viral – 4 years after the incident

In 2014 The Prince Albert K-9 unit and the RCMP of Kamsack Saskatchewan shot and killed innocent Dukey who was lying in the grass wagging his tail. This poor innocent animal died for no good reason during the arrest of Adam Cote. The officer murdered him and should be held responsible. Police men abusing their power and badge. Dukey should have been brought to the veterinarian. He was in a submissive state there was no need to shoot him dead.

Lets not forget Dukey. We need to stand together and get justice for all innocent animals brutally killed by the police.

Raw video captured by a bystander on July 18, 2014 shows part of the arrest of Adam Cote. Justine O’Soup’s dog was shot and killed by RCMP during the arrest. O’Soup has filed a formal complaint to the RCMP public complaints commission.

Shane Steven started this petition to Royal Canadian mounted police force RCMP.