Kangaroo torturer Luke Kevin

KANGAROO torturer and former bikie associate Luke Kevin Dempster (26) was jailed for two years in Joondalup Magistrates Court this morning over “appalling” animal cruelty and his role in the firing of a gel blaster gun in Craigie reports communitynews.com.au

Magistrate Gregory Benn, who said it would be “some time” before he got Dempster’s video footage of the horrific attacks “out of my mind”, sentenced the Wanneroo man to 11 months jail over the May 19 torture of a kangaroo at an unknown location in which a knuckleduster-wearing Dempster punched the extremely distressed animal 11 times.

He received a six-month jail term for “the appalling offence” of setting a chicken alight and discharging an explosive device under it nine seconds later in March. “That’s a long time to be burning alive,” Mr Benn said after asking Dempster if he had stopped since to “count out the seconds”. “Only hope the explosive… brought an end to its life and suffering.”

He received two sentences of four months to be served concurrently for his role in the assaults, and two months jail for his part in an assault in circumstances of aggravation – over an eight-year-old boy who was with his father when the latter was struck by projectiles in the chest and stomach.

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