A stray dog was trying to find food for her puppies, who were starving due to a lack of available food. As Lina passed a home looking for food, the woman inside the house became angry that she was there.

She threw boiling water on Mama dog instead of offering her food or just shooing her away. Lina was very badly injured, suffering major damage from the boiling water.

The burns were primarily on her back, her head, and even went into one of her eyes. Her paws were injured, as well. She was clearly in terrible pain.

Luckily, a local organization that helps stray animals called Proyecto 4 Patas rescued Lina. Rescuers were amazed that she was still nursing her puppies after the awful ordeal she had gone through. The workers there saw this as a sign of strength and resilience on Lina’s part.

During that time, Lina continued caring for her puppies until they reached adulthood and could fend for themselves. Finally, the day came when Lina was able to leave the animal shelter. Her wounds had healed, and she had made it to the other side of her horrendous experience.

She now lives with a loving family that gives her the care that she deserves. Instead of constantly searching for food to eat and having to worry about cruel humans on the streets of Buenos Aires, she can enjoy doing what she does best: just being a dog.