Man Built A Custom Kayak for his Dogs

This retired American man had plainly had enough of going on experiences without anyone else. Rather than finding another hobby, he chose to adjust his kayak so his two Golden Retrievers could join him.

Everything began when this previous orthopedic specialist saw his pooch Susie get into the stuff compartment of the kayak all by herself.

Source : @David Bahnson

Their first excursion was an extraordinary achievement! Susie before long got snared on this new action she could partake in with her dearest human. 

Source : @David Bahnson

Whenever David and his better half chose to receive another canine, Ginger, it was impossible that he would remain on the dock.

So David decked out his kayak with another opening so he could take both of his canine mates with him. He told The Dodo:

When we got Ginger, I just put in another hole. It’s like a triple kayak, only there isn’t enough room for the paddlers to put their feet — but it’s perfect for a dog.

Source : @David Bahnson

Susie and Ginger can sit comfortably while Davis rows and enjoy the ride.

As indicated by David, the dogs are very polite in the custom kayak and ability to remain safe: 

They are prepared to get in the kayak themselves on command. They sit down, and off we go. When we come to the shore, they’ll remain situated until I tell them it’s OK to get out. They never bounced out into the water, really.

Source : @David Bahnson

After a very happy life filled with aquatic adventures, Ginger and Susie have since passed away. But David cannot do without the companionship of animals for very long.

He now trains his new adopted pets to accompany him in the kayak, continuing the heartwarming tradition. Here’s a man who seems to know the secret to happiness!