Early November, a man from Georgia came across a stray kitten in a parking lot, calling for his attention. The kitty was following him home.

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When Jason Belisha’s car broke down earlier this month it was inconvenient, but a small gray cat named Popeye couldn’t have been more grateful for the engine trouble.

Belisha was returning his rental car in Decatur, Georgia when he heard a desperate meow in the parking lot. “I looked left and right and then finally under the car next to me, where I found the poor little guy soaking wet and all alone,” Belisha told The Dodo.

Belisha beckoned the cat over and, to his surprise, the young stray showed no hesitation in approaching. He rubbed his face on Belisha’s hand, eager for attention. While rescuing an animal didn’t quite fit in with Belisha’s plans for the rest of the day, he knew he couldn’t leave the lonely cat behind.tmg-article_tall (2)

“It’s moments like this that I tell myself, ‘This must be happening for a reason,’” Belisha said. “And if I were a homeless kitten I would want someone to help me.”

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