rescue dogs adopted

A Texas man was recently given one week to live.  His last wish is to get his 11 rescue dogs adopted because he doesn’t have anyone, reports News Channel 8.

For a long time, 71-year-old Richard Ewers has been taking in dumped or stray dogs. Volunteers and contributors likewise ventured in to help with vaccinations, spaying and neutering the pooches, fix his fence and embrace the dogs out.

rescue dogs adopted

In any case, amid that time, Ewers was diagnosed with stomach malignant growth. As of late, he was put into hospice and allowed given about a week to live, according to News Channel 8.

Mary Oyler and other volunteers with “Spare Our Strays San Antonio” have been going to Ewers’ home each day to nourish the dogs, invest energy and time with them and give them water.

“We are all very saddened by this, of course, and we want to make that last wish come true for him,” Oyler said.

Eleven dogs out of 27 are left since KSAT began following Ewers’ story a year ago.

Oyler said she’s trusting the last 11 dogs can be taken for adoption to keep them from being grabbed by the county authorities.

“It would add a lot more stress to what they’re going through already,” she said. “Not having Mr. Richard here, there’s confusion, there’s loneliness, there’s depression.”

Oyler said the conditions the dogs are living in are not perfect.

“There’s no one to give them attention and love,” she said. “There is no running water, there is no electricity.”

She said whoever embraces or adopts the dogs should be tolerant and give them some time to adapt.

rescue dogs adopted
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“All they’ve ever known is Mr. Richard. So, it’s going to require a family that will have a lot of patience,” Oyler said.

A Facebook page called “Helping Mr. Richard and His Dogs” was made for anybody keen on embracing or fostering the pooches.

Every one of the dogs have been spayed or neutered, yet they’ll should be taken to the vet for checkups.