dog run over intentionally

A New Mexico man is blamed for deliberately running over a puppy and murdering it, KOB announced.

An Albuquerque man is in the slammer Thursday after police say he deliberately run over a puppy, killing it.

Douglas Arnold Smith, of Albuquerque, deals with indictments of extraordinary brutality to animals and conspiracy to submit outrageous cruelty to animals, as per arrest records.  

Officers were called to an apartment building close Unser and McMahon Monday in response to a disturbance. When they touched base on scene they found a pooch named “Chubs” on the ground with “evident wounds.”

An officer took Chubs to a nearby animal clinic where he later passed on.

As per the criminal complaint, officers had the capacity to talk with three observers, every one of whom told police they believe Chubs was run over purposefully.

They detailed seeing Smith and a lady contending with Chubs’ guardian before getting into an SUV and running over Chubs. Each of the three observers told officers they heard Smith and the lady both shout

It’s uncertain whether the lady included will deal with any indictments.