owner dump pet

Though they’re typically well-trained and friendly, senior dogs don’t always have it easy. They may succumb to diseases and ailments, and because they’re not as strong and fast as they once were, even the simplest of tasks are more difficult for them.

When the owners of an elderly Shiba Inu named Symon dumped him at the Houston, Save Lives Is Our Mission shelter in Texas, they were hoping that the 14-year-old pooch would be euthanized, at the recommendation of their veterinarian, for free.

The owner called shelter later on again today to check if they already euthanized him, and why shelter was still holding him… shelter vet evaluated him and he was deaf, blind and very disorientated, they have not a choice to apply the Eu. I can’t believe a private vet suggested them to take to a shelter to euthanize their dog for free. 

Tears rolled down the cheeks of an animal advocate at the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston on Thursday as the owner of a 14-year-old dog surrendered him to the shelter ordering the staff to euthanize their dog.

Both shelter workers and volunteers expressed their outrage as to the heartless act on Houston, Save lives is our mission:

“…brought me to tear up with the girl at Harris County after I called the shelter, when I asked what happened to this dog, and she says his owners brought him yesterday 12/15 and requested shelter to euthanize him, by a suggestion of their own private vet!! WTH then you bring your old dog, the one you’re supposed to care for to a crowded shelter and left behind to die?!! Is it too much to at least be by his side until catch his last breath??.. Why don’t you spend the last days by his side? Their vet says is nothing that can be done for him; shelter’s vet has not done an evaluation at this time, I requested one..”

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