pet store

Almost every animal rescue struggles with lack of funding and overpopulation. More than anywhere in Brazil it’s a widespread issued where overcrowded shelters lead to bad outcomes like poor health conditions, stress, depression and even starvation.

Lots of pet owners become overwhelmed with the responsibility and they just drop they pets off. Maybe they think it’s the best solution, but in reality they are doing nothing but adding to the problem. In most of the cases the poor animals go unadopted and finally meet a truly dreadful fate. So remember that it’s so helpful if should always rescue before you buy

So, a pet store from Brazil decided to take some action by leading an experiment. They wanted to see what would happen if they put shelter pets in place of the regular animals.

So, in order to help the local animal rescued and to see people’s reaction, this store set out to replace all the pets for sale with rescued pets to be given away for free!

Watch the reactions of the customers as they fall in love with these furry little friends. And how they seems to be completely shocked as these animals are free to good homes. You won’t believe the outcome of this adoption strategy.

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