Pinky' Louisiana's Rare Dolphin

The amazing pink dolphin, first spotted in 2007, is now believed to have an extension to her family and now she is a mother to her own little “pinky” according to FOX 13 News.

Pinky was first seen in 2007 as a pink dolphin calf, who was noticed swimming with its normal-colored mother in the Calcasieu Ship Channel. That particular waterway in Louisiana connects Lake Charles to the Gulf of Mexico.

Pinky' Louisiana's Rare Dolphin

‘Pinky’ captured national attention for her bright pink complexion and may be “in the pink” because of a new family situation. Just in time for Mother’s Day comes news that the rare dolphin who hangs around the Calcasieu Ship Channel in Louisiana may have become pregnant and delivered a dolphin calf.

After being spotted as pregnant, she’s now swimming with another pink dolphin in the ship channel, and obviously is her calf!

Pinky’s color is likely a rare genetic disorder, but she and “baby pinky” are said to be happy and fine.