Police continue to gather clues at a home to find the monster who stabbed a dog at least 50 times and left the pit bull mix to die, stuffed in a suitcase, CBS Miami reports.

The signs of how this dog suffered are inescapable. Investigators were back at the apartment Tuesday near where the dog, named Ollie, was discovered scouring the area for clues, evidence that could lead them to an attacker.

In a nearby yard, messages of love hung over a small memorial.

Nearby there were reward posters and a handwritten plea for help in finding the person who tortured the dog.

The poor animal was discovered last month and had been stabbed, stuffed in a suitcase and left to die. Despite getting emergency medical treatment after officers stumbled upon him and took him to a vet, he died a few days later.

Caprice Manos lives across the street.

“I heard a very loud squeal from a dog,” said Manos.

She can’t forget the sounds of a dog she heard howling.

“It sounded like a dog got hit by a car … so loud that you knew that something was wrong,” said Manos.

Manos also can’t forget the very angry man.

“It was a very angry yelling, very loud anger, yelling … abruptly it stopped,” said Manos.

She says she can’t stop thinking about the screams she heard after realizing they were connected to this.

“This thought came through my head. I could have done something then I said, ‘Wait a minute if he did that to the dog, he’d have done that to me,'” said Manos.

A reward of more than $40,000 is being offered for information leading to Ollie’s attacker.