This distressing footage shows a dog with a hugely inflated head, caused by a collar being wrapped extremely tightly around its neck.

The poor pitbull was rescued from abuse and taken to the Duemari Veterinary Clinic in Oristano on the island of Sardinia, Italy to recover.

His head is clearly deformed in size and a nasty wound can be seen around his neck.

Additionally, its eyes are barely visible due to the extreme level of swelling to the head.

Vets say the swelling was caused by the nylon collar that had been wrapped tightly around his neck for a prolonged period. They named the pitbull ‘Ball,’ removed the tight collar, allowing the dog to heal.

But the footage shows that the dog still has a long way to go – the sheer size of its swollen head dwarfs its starving body.

The vets say that Ball is recovering and is in much better health than when he first arrived at the clinic.

The video caused a stir online and a number of angry viewers, disgusted by the content, left comments.

One wrote: ‘I will never comprehend the depravity of humans. How can people do this to other living creatures?

‘That poor dog makes my heart hurt. Justice will never be served in cases like this.’