police Beat Burned Dog

Newark police are examining a case of animal extreme cruelty where a canine passed on after it was beaten and set on fire, according to reports from News 12 New Jersey.

The episode occurred close Columbia Avenue and Plymouth Street Thursday night or early Friday morning. Rasheed Cotton says that he and his 6-year-old little girl were awoken by a gathering of adolescents causing disturbance outside.

Cotton says that his girl made the frightful disclosure Friday morning. He says that he at first thought it was only a hill of hair, however, found that it was a dead pooch.

“Why would you torture a dog?” Cotton asks.

Cotton says that Thursday night he saw a little, dark dog approach the gathering of youngsters. He says that it was the last time that he saw the pooch alive.

Newark police are examining the episode.

“I’m a pet lover. I love my dog and I take it to heart. This is despicable, it really is,” says Newark Police Commander Lee Douglas.

Cotton says that he is recently aggravated that something like this can happen so near his home.

“If your child is out here killing innocent animals at a younger age, he’s liable to kill someone once he reaches maturity,” he says in a statement for News 12 New Jersey.

Police say they have some extraordinary leads thanks in part to surveillance cameras in the area.