Owners must have gotten tired of their 14 year old Scottie and decided they would just turn him out into the street while they went to Florida for the winter.
A stately Scottish Terrier who was ready to leave, ready to head home as it were. However, the new owners had to wait an agonizing 5 more days to give his previous human time to reclaim him.

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Scottie became very good at camping whether they were in Gatlinburg, Chattanooga or Myrtle Beach. He loved the trips to the cabin or a run on the beach equally well. He became a true connoisseur of ‘taters and onions, table food, heck, whatever ‘you’ are having was just fine with him. Popcorn never touched the ground at our house nor did potato chips have a chance. His cataracts were so bad he couldn’t always see what was going on, but his nose told him where the treats were.

You see, most folk forget that when they have seen an old do, it has a puppy’s heart.