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The price of eternal youth: Protected frogs are DRIED TO DEATH so shops can make traditional Chinese medicine that’s supposed to help women ‘look beautiful’

Daily Mail UK reports for animal cruelty in China  where protected wild frogs are being cruelly killed so traditional Chinese medicine vendors could turn them into a popular ‘anti-ageing‘ food ingredient.

Hasma, or known as ‘xue ha gao’ in Chinese, is made with the fallopian tubes of dried-up female frogs and is supposed to help consumers look young.

The best hasma is made in the north-eastern part of China and comes from Asiatic grass frogs, a protected amphibian species from the forest in the region under the Regulation on Protection of Wild Medicinal Resources.

Shocking pictures have emerged from Chinese media, capturing the production process of the popular medicinal food ingredient.

Dried to death: Asiatic grass frogs, once captured, are hung up for up to 30 days until they die

The photos are taken in Changbai mountain, Jilin Province, on November 7.

They show two full racks of frogs being hung up in front of a common grocery shop. The retailer pierced the frogs by a wire and hung them up until their death.

Female Asiatic grass frog store rich nutrients in their oviducts before they hibernate in winter

After the animals are killed, their collagen-filled tubes would be removed from their remains and put on sale in the shop. Their remains are thrown to the bin.

The shop owner told a reporter from ‘The hanging method can ensure that the hasma can be extracted at its best quality.’

Hasma (pictured) is usually sold in boxes in grocery stores or Chinese medicine shops

It’s often cooked and eaten as Chinese dessert along with sugar and dried fruits (pictured)

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