In eastern Russia, an area lies beyond the Ural mountains, which introduces the vast landscape of Siberia to many. Frigid winds tear through the air, forming rapid blankets of snow that cover the taigas and foothills completely.

For many people, Siberian winters can be a death sentence, especially for one young boy who had been abandoned by his parent – in the middle of winter! He had been left by his mother on a stranger’s unheated porch all by himself.KarinaPic

Naturally, no one would have expected him to survive. That night, the temperatures dropped to -12 degrees Celsius, which was equivalent to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a bitter night for him.

The boy, who was unnamed by his mother, was left outdoors at a house in Loktevsky district, Altai region in Southern Siberia. The area he was found in lies near the Kazakhstan border. 03-hero-dog-rescues-2-year-old

resident dog of the house where the boy was abandoned spotted him, and instinctively wrapped his body around the child to keep him sheltered from the bitter cold! With the dog’s body heat and his fur coat to keep the boy’s body warm, the child managed to survive two whole days – until neighbors found them both! What a thing to do!

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