dog abandoned tied lamppost

Citizens from small UK town have hit out at a pet guardian who abandoned their furry friend and attached him to a lamppost. The white boxer was discovered resembling the saddest canine on the planet by nearby occupant Graham Dobson, 43, on Thursday morning in Hull.

Dobson, who depicted the puppy as ‘genuine pleasant’ and ‘friendly’, took him in and gave the pet water and nourishment before requiring the pooch superintendent.

Remarking on a Facebook post about the pooch Pamela Jones stated: ‘B******* whoever they are!! What a beautiful boy he is, I hope he finds a loving forever home poor little mite didn’t deserve this.’

Gladys Shearsmith said: ‘Why would anyone do this poor little thing? ‘I hope someone will give him a good home and love him and find the t**** who dumped him at the side of the road.’

The white boxer was found looking like the saddest dog by a local resident (Picture: Graham Dobson/MEN Media)

On Thursday, Dobson depicted the poor dog as looking ‘sad and terrified’ and clarified that other individuals had disclosed to him he had been tied up for over 60 minutes. He stated: ‘It was heartbreaking to see he had been left and how upset he was, as he was a really nice dog and so friendly, just really scared.

‘I came to work in the morning and found the dog tied up on the main road looking sad and scared. ‘I got told by other people that he’d been tied up for more than an hour, and I fed and watered him as he’d been left with nothing and then called the dog warden to pick him up.’

Adam Read rushed to applaud Dobson for his snappy reasoning which conceivably spared the canine’s life and stated: ‘Caps off to Graham Dobson, well done that man. Pets are forever.’

Many have responded with indignation for the proprietor’s choice to dump him in on the street. Emma Jane Simpson stated: They should have taken him to a rescue center. The staff wouldn’t have judged them at all am sure they have heard most reasons why people can’t keep their pets!