A German Shepherd who previously belonged to an abusive owner, and was later given up after animal abuse charges were filed. Tucker arrived at the shelter, weak and frail, and greatly evasive to human touch.

He was not a sociable dog, as he was terrified of everything and everyone. However, he was a great dog – he was still responsive and gentle. Plus, his body wasn’t in a good condition – he was severely and dangerously emaciated, and only had a 1 to 9 body fat ratio. As a result, Tucker could hardly walk, let alone run or jump.

Tucker’s ears and paws were swollen, inflamed, and infected. He also had rotting teeth and a terrible skin condition that caused his skin to crack and bleed.

He arrived in such a horrid condition that it triggered great worry amongst the animal services staff. They became so worried about Tucker that they felt like they have to reach out for additional help.

Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort ferried him to the nearest animal clinic to emergency medical care. The organization then shared Tucker’s story on YouCaring, to which a couple ,who already owns a German Shepherd, offered to foster Tucker!

Over time, this dog slowly learnt to adapt to his new life and build trust in humans again. It took many months and countless hours for him to reach this stage, but everyone who knew him knew better – he did a great job in doing so. Even better news arrived when Tucker’s foster family decided to adopt him, for real!