FOUR PAWS INTERNATIONAL are reporting the horrific conditions in the ‘zoo of hell’ – after years of putting pressure on the officials, finally there is hope.

The Safari Park Zoo  Fier in Albania has been on FOUR PAWS’ radar since years as they were investigating this private zoo several times already.  A large number of wild animals and domesticated animals are kept in horrible conditions.

Fier zoo animals

FOUR PAWS and other animal welfare activists documented this bad situation of these animals several times but so far, it was clear that nothing could be done.

In this case human kindness was overruled by the legal circumstances. It forced us to wait on the side-lines, monitor the situation and wait for an opportunity to step in.And now finally a ray of hope has appeared on the horizon: shutting down the horrific Fier Zoo has finally become an option…And a better future for the animals seems a possibility finally! The urgent need to act fast as the changed legal situation and the obviously bad economic situation of the facility (no visitors) could have the effect that animals are being sold or even killed!

Fier zoo animals

But new information’s from FOUR PAWS INTERNATIONAL are saying that Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment has decided to confiscate the wild animals and we support them! Their team on-site is preparing a safe and successful rescue of the suffering animals at the Safari Park Zoo Fier. Temporary enclosures are being built for the animals so they feel as comfortable as possible and we are ready to provide them with urgent medical treatment.

They are sending a message to general public to keep in mind that this operation is extremely delicate, and they hope to get the animals out of this terrible zoo unharmed.

Four Paws is currently preparing what they can to help with getting these animals treated and rehomed. If you’d like to keep up to date with news about the Fier Zoo rescue or are in a position to donate towards the work ahead, please visit the Four Paws web page.

Image Source: Four Paws USA