A man in south Florida has been accused with animal cruelty in the wake of exasperating video seemed to demonstrate him manhandling his neighbor’s puppy while on a walk.

Hialeah police said Victor Suero was doing dog submission training on Feb. 15 with his Siberian Husky named Han and his neighbor’s canine, a 1-year-old Husky named Winter.

Eventually, officers said Suero wound up annoyed with Winter amid the instructional meeting. Cellphone video indicated him obviously gagging the puppy, getting her by the neckline and swinging her noticeable all around in a round movement leaving her in pain.

Witnesses said he at one point  stifled Winter again and viciously hammered her to the ground, “abandoning her unmoving and crying in torment.”

Police found Suero on March 7 and accused him of two count of Animal Cruelty with the goal to harm or slaughter.

Winter is fortunately healthy and has been brought together with her gardian.

Suero’s canine Han, is presently under the watchful eye of Miami-Dade Animals Services  and is also in great condition and healthy, as per police.