Cats are remarkable creatures that don’t make friends with everyone, so if one approaches you and wants to be around you, it means you are a very special person.

This beautiful stray cat from Ankara, Turkey spent almost all his life out on the streets, but never let go of his dream of finding a human family that will love him to the moon and back.  

Leo was determined to make his wish come true so he took things into his own paws.


There was this girl who would often buy Leo some food. She would also give him a couple of pats on the head and leave.

Was this girl the one for Leo? He believed so, and just went for it. One day, as the girl approached with the food in her hands, Leo jumped into her car and didn’t intend to get out. He chose her to be his human mommy, and the girl simply couldn’t say no to such an offer

The story of Leo spread across the city and it made many people adopt some of the stray cats that were spending their days at the same place, waiting for good people to give them some food.

Brave Leo is an example of how life will always be generous and give you the things that you want with all your heart.

Source: We Love Animals