In a cruel and harsh world kindness is always the best policy. Showing love and compassion isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

Orawan, a young woman who lives in Thailand, has always been an animal lover, and she especially loves to take care of dogs who have been neglected or mistreated.

Every day, she leaves bowls of rice outside her home for the stray dogs in her neighborhood, and the grateful dogs love her for it.

One of the dogs, who Orawan named Tia Plu, wanted to show her how grateful he was for her kindness. Tia Plu began to offer her tributes every day before he would start eating.

Being a stray dog, he doesn’t have much to give, but he gives what he has. Every day he presents Orawan with gifts of scraps of paper, and he makes sure she has received his gifts before he starts to eat.

A scrap of paper may not seem like much, but to Orawan it means the world because she knows that the gifts are from the heart.