The poor animal had been grabbed by the pair, whose identities are not known, in the city of Gazientep in south-eastern Turkey’s Gaziantep Province.

They reportedly tortured the dog by tying a belt around it’s neck and dragging it through the streets. They later pushed it over the high wall into the entrance to an underground cave. Fortunately for the animal, the thugs were spotted by a group of kids who had been playing in the street nearby who told their parents.

Emergency services and a team of firefighters were then dispatched to the scene to try to rescue the dog. One fireman was winched down into the cave by a crane, where he found that the dog had crawled into a corner of the cave.

It took more than an hour for the firefighter to reach the frightened dog, coax it from its hiding place and bring it back to safety. Unit Aydos, from a nearby zoo who helped with the rescue, examined the dog and revealed that it had broken all four legs.

He said: ‘We had to go right to the end of the cave to find the dog. It was a very big cave for real. ‘We saw the dog waiting in a dark spot in the cave.


‘We picked the dog up and examined him. All four of his legs are broken. We will take him to the zoo and treat him.’ Police have launched an investigation into the incident and are looking for the two torturers responsible for the dog’s injuries.