Just when you think you’ve heard the all time worst story of animal cruelty, some depraved human comes along and tops it.

The poor dog in this story was made to endure some of the nastiest cruelty that we ever had the displeasure of reading about. This terrier was killed as a result of the events that took place and the heartless man who perpetrated this crime is currently under investigation.

Photos of the event were posted online after they took place and it takes a truly sickening person to find these photos worthy of being shared. Muneca the dog was never given a chance to live a full and healthy life. Her body was eventually discovered in a warehouse in Western Mexico, in an area that is unfortunately well known for allowing this type of cruelty to take place on a regular basis.

The dog was rescued from the warehouse, but by then it was far too late and the animal eventually succumbed to her injuries under the care of a vet. Carlos Manuel Jimenez is the name on the social media account that shared the photos, but authorities are currently uncertain as to whether this is his real name. The social media post depicted a dog that had been painted blue and had also been poisoned.

From there, the pup was also forced to consume solvent and as if this were not enough, an ice pick was used to stab Muneca.

He may not even be opposed to the concept of torturing humans in the same manner. That’s why it is important for readers to share this story as quickly as possible.