Spanish TV Contestant Sentenced To Jail for animal cruelty

Javier Cohen, the ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’ contender from Alicante, has been convicted to nine months in Spanish prison for starving his American bulldog on the Costa Blanca.

Javier Cohen pleaded guilty to domestic animal abuse which saw him get a diminished sentence regardless of the indictment requesting an 18-month sentence altogether.

The animal abuser was likewise restricted from owning animals for two and by the criminal court in Valencia.

Cohen who already has a police record and has a past conviction for abusive behavior at home could get away from the jail sentence in the event that he finishes a re-education program on animal care.

Cohen was grabbed after he took the three-year-old American bulldog to an animal shelter claiming he had found it abandoned and that he was not the owner.

Sadly the poor dog had to put down by vets to avoid further anguish and suffering.