Jenny and Shirley would spend many years together in the circus before being separated for a 22 year period.

The elephants were reunited for the first time at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and the experience was simply amazing to see.

Naturally everyone was not sure on what would happen. It went from the possibility of the two not even recognizing one another, or no longer feeling a connection with one another if they did, to perhaps actually bonding.

Indeed it was not only the last possibility which came true, but they ended up bonding even more than what anyone had expected. Initially, they did not recognize one another. It was when they got close, looked into each other’s eyes, then everything clicked.

Roars of joy erupted as Shirley gently touches Jenny’s face. The moment of reuniting was about as moving as it gets!

Six years later, Jenny passed away due to illness, but I’m so excited that she was able to spend her last years with her best friend.

Watch the video bellow.