Men Burned A White Owl Alive

It’s difficult to trust that in 2019, somebody would blame an animal of being a witch, yet shockingly that was the situation as of late in the region of Mexico called Durango. There are customs and superstitions including certain animals, however, it ought to never prompt cruelty or abuse to such extent.

Two men in Durango as of late savagely slaughtered a white owl since they trusted it was a witch.

Owls are related to visual perception, passing, and black magic yet these are either obsolete convictions or just superstitions.

You wouldn’t murder somebody for opening an umbrella inside and you wouldn’t have any desire to devastate the thirteenth floor of a structure as a result of superstition. It’s absurd that the owl ought to endure in view of the numbness of two men.

The most exceedingly awful part is that recordings and photographs were posted online of the ruthless demonstration. They are seen brutally getting the owl, tying up its legs, and tossing it into a blaze.

As it should be, individuals were insulted when they saw the recording on the web. punishment for animal cruelty in Durango is three years in jail, and it is trusted the high school kid found in the video has been captured.