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A Florida woman is crediting her two Labradors for saving her life after she suffered a stroke in December, according to .nbcnews.com

Maureen Hatcher’s dogs, Sadie and Bella, were caught on video running for help after she fell down in her St Augustine home alone, according to NBC-affiliate station WTLV .

The dogs can been seen in footage from Hatcher’s front-door camera running out of the house just moments before a neighbor comes over, finds her and calls 911.

“I just went face first into the floor,” Hatcher, now recovered, told WTLV. “I remember Sadie coming in. I said, ‘Mommy needs help,’ and then they were gone.”

Hatcher was rushed to a hospital in Jacksonville where doctors were able to remove a blood clot that cut off the blood flow to the right side of her brain and prevent permanent brain damage, WTLV reported.

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