Alexander-Gerth-Utica man to prison dog killing

A judge Tuesday sentenced a Utica man’s for his unbelievable brutality” and throw him to 3-6 years in jail for tormenting and killing his rescued canine.

Alexander Gerth, 23, was given the jail time by Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Richard Caretti, who let him know:  “Words are inadequate to express the depth and breadth of your cruelty.”

Gerth argued no challenge a month ago to killing and tormenting his 2-year-old pit bull mix, Sterling, since he “wasn’t coexisting with him.”

Experts state Gerth once boasted that he punched the pooch in the head so hard that the poor animal peed and pooped “everywhere.” The puppy was wounded multiple times and left to “gradually” seep to death in Utica’s Grant Park on a cool day in January.

Right hand Macomb County Prosecutor Anthony Sorrentino requested that the judge surpass the condemning rules by 27 months for Gerth, saying it was a sensible solicitation considering “what he’s done to this dog.” The rules required a sentence of two to 21 months.

sterling dog

Sterling the dog. (Photo: Michigan Humane Society)

Sorrento additionally mentioned compensation from Gerth for the $223.90 cost of a necropsy on Sterling and that Gerth is banned from owning an animal once more. The judge concurred and furthermore decided that Gerth can’t possess a firearm.

The judge said Sterling sought him for affection, sanctuary and food and “rather he was a casualty of your staggering mercilessness and cruelty.”

Alexander-Gerth-Utica man to prison  dog killing

Alexander Gerth,is sentenced to three to six years in prison for torturing and killing his two-year-old pit bull-mix ‘Sterling.’

“Let’s hope my sentence discourages you from such behavior,” said Caretti in a statement for Detroit news

The judge said he had not seen such an “abominable” case in his years on the seat.

Gerth’s lawyer had approached the judge for tolerance, saying her client “has issues of impulse control” .

“He’s going to be a father soon. He is not a bad person. He is not a serial killer,” said Lehman. “Give him a shot, judge.”

Before being sentenced, Gerth apologized to his “family, city and his dog Sterling.”

“If I could go back and do this differently, I would,” he said.

A portion of the animal rights activists that were present in the courtroom cried as close details of Sterling’s cruel death details turned out in court. They celebrated after the judge rendered his sentence, applauding and embracing in the corridor outside the court.

New state laws that became effective in March have enabled judges to give animal abusers stiffer sentences of as long as 10 years.

Gerth got 82 days credit for prison time served.