In a video specially made for animal rescue farm and education organization Farm Sanctuary, “Big Bang Theory” movie star Kaley Cuoco plead viewers to adopt turkeys this year instead of eating them for Thanksgiving.

“Each year 46 million turkeys are inhumanely raised and slaughtered for Thanksgiving,” Cuoco says in a statement for Livekindly. “The majority of these birds are raised on factory farms, which are linked to numerous environmental problems hurting us and our planet.”

Livekindly reports that Cuoco is promoting the Farm Sanctuary’s popular Adopt a Turkey program, which has rescued more than 1,000 birds since 1986. The program, according to the Farm Sanctuary website, is “an opportunity to honor the spirit of the holiday by helping animals in need.” It’s currently offering the adoption of five birds: Gerda, Perdita, Spunky, Ruthie, and Bowie. For $35, supporters can “adopt” one of the birds, or $150 for the whole flock.

Turkeys raised for Thanksgiving endure significant suffering in factory farm settings where they’re taken from their mothers as young chicks, often have their beaks seared off without anesthetic and are forced to live in cramped, dark, and dirty sheds before being slaughtered.


Photo credit: Cuoco/Instagram

Cuoco joins filmmaker Kevin Smith and his daughter, actress Harley Quinn Smith, who both appeared in a promotion for Farm Sanctuary earlier today.

“You’re always told by older people it’s OK to eat animals, we’re supposed to eat animals,” Smith said in the video, while gently stroking a turkey. “And, you know, for a long time, that’s what my generation believed. Now we know a lot better.”

Unlike Smith, who went vegan earlier this year after suffering a massive heart attack, Cuoco is not vegan. While she’s reported to be “vegetarian” her Instagram feed shows a number of pictures of her riding or promoting racing horses. She’s also been photographed wearing leather.