According to animalchannel.co when Andrea, a YouTuber who also goes by the name Misus Yaya, found this lovely dog named Benji he was shivering on the side of a busy road. He was also in an extremely poor condition and in desperate need of help.

The YouTuber immediately stopped to help the poor pup.

Benji was covered in mange which rendered him hairless. He had sores all over his body and was severely malnourished.

His ears had crusted over from what was believed to be a sarcoptic mange infestation. Andrea rushed Benji to the veterinarian doctor who gave him a grim diagnosis.

The vet suggested that Benji be put down.

But looking at his sweet face, Andrew just couldn’t do it. She refused to give up on Benji, knowing she’d at least have to try to save him.

“I found this dog on the street and when I called the vet he just said the best option is putting it to sleep but he looked so much happier now compared to yesterday,” Andrea said in one of her videos. “I think he has hope to heal. I dont want to put him to sleep.”

First Benji would need doctor-administered antibiotic injections and around the clock care.Then it was time to get Benji cleaned up.

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