stingrays exhibit Assiniboine Park Zoo

Guests to the Assiniboine Park Zoo will have another submerged fascination in visits this spring.

Individuals will get the chance to appreciate “a very close and intuitive experience” with cownose and southern stingrays at the Stingray Beach display, said the zoo’s executive of veterinary administrations and animal welfare, Dr. Chris Enright, in a news conference.

Stingray Beach will open in another pivoting display exhibition on May 16, and is incorporated with the standard expense of admission to the zoo.

Guests will be able to make contact with the marine animals, which will be housed in a 1,300-square-foot shallow pool. The zoo said while stingrays appear to appreciate associating with individuals, they have the alternative to swim away.

Pool walls have windows that enable individuals to get a side perspective on the stingrays, the zoo stated, and guests can pay an additional fee to participate in feeding sessions that will happen three times each day. The pool will be separated with a cutting edge system with a back-up capacity to guarantee an ideal living condition.

Supplied image of the Stingray beach exhibit for

“This will be an exciting addition for Zoo visitors and gives us the opportunity to expand our conservation messaging to include the health of our oceans and aquatic wildlife,” said Enright.

The zoo said no less than one-fourth of the world’s stingrays species are compromised with eradication. Cownose rays are named so in light of the fact that they have brows that resemble the ox-like body parts, and southern rays have flat, diamond-shaped bodies.