Tourist from Pennsylvania, Jessica Haltzman, was on a journey of self-discovery to bend her broken heart after a nasty breakup. Jessica traveled to New Delhi, India – but little did she know that she would wind up saving the life of another in need. After her tenure with AmeriCorps, Jessica decided to sign up for a course in tree conservation with a group named ‘Sadhana Forest’. It wasn’t until one afternoon till she heard a series of whines from the area around her hostel where she resided.

It was a tiny frail and sickly puppy with black fur and sable paws. It was in no shape to get up and move, either. This was when she realized that it was up to her to save its life. Jessica quickly scooped up the tiny pup and ran to look for a nearby vet. On the way, a ‘tuk-tuk’ driver gave her directions to the animal clinic – which the injured pup desperately needed.

With two broken hips and many infected wounds, the local vet had a lot of work to do – therefore it was up to Jessica to gather as many medical supplies as she could.

The woman also canceled her flight to Nepal and booked a bus to stay as long as she could with the puppy – and even planned to bring him with her! Her new puppy even got vaccinated for the trip ahead.

Jessica’s new puppy was named Delhi, and he accompanied Jessica for the rest of her journey – all the way from New Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal.

After that, Delhi has recuperated and recovered well enough for her to bring him along to explore Thailand. Jessica’s mother awaited to greet the pair, and took Delhi home in her place while Jessica continued to roam the globe.

Today, Delhi is Jessica’s ‘adventure pup’ – and they have enjoyed many hiking sessions together!

Delhi has also inspired his new owner to raise awareness for stray dogs all over the world – after all, a life is only too precious to give up on.