woman starving dogs

A 25-year-old Canton lady has been charged for purportedly starving two dogs secured in a cage, making one of the animals eat the other after it passed, as indicated by court records.

Court records express that approximately on or April 5, Jessica J. Swinehart secured a beagle in a cage enclosure with a German Shepherd-blend and starved the poor animals. At the point when the beagle passed on, the other pooch ate it to endure.

At the point when law enforcement found the German Shepherd, it seemed to have lost almost 66% of its body weight. it was still secured in the confine with the rotting beagle.

A capture warrant was documented on April 8 and she was later arrested.

Swinehart has been accused of two felonies of disallowances concerning companion animals, a fifth-degree crime.